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Wall light switches are usually made to blend in with their surroundings and become camouflaged with the wall. It’s unusual, except perhaps for decorative children’s versions, for light switches to be highlighted or made visually appealing in any special way. However, in the case of the luxury light switches made by Spanish design company Fede, the entire point is to bring another element of luxuriousness to high class interior decor. It’s not hard to see that the light switch designs by Fede give off this exact image of distinctive quality.

The light switch frames and plates are all made from various luxurious and expensive materials and elements. One is composed of Swarovski crystals which are renowned worldwide. The majority of the luxury light switches are imbue elegance and sobriety in themselves as well as the interior they are placed in. For certain exquisite interior design schemes, these light switches will be the only type of switch plate one could imagine installing.

It’s not just the look and materials these luxury light switches and plates are made of that give these fixtures their quality and uniqueness. The technical aspect which includes the use of dimmer and rotary switches means the lights in any room where the switches are installed will be given that extra bit of control and ease of use.

You can read more about these luxurious lighting switches and plates via the website of the Spanish design company Fede which can be found here: Luxury Light Switches for Luxurious Homes by Fede.