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Tired of trying to find the perfect table lamp for your bedside table? It can be difficult. Instead, why not consider this wildly ingenious glowing pillow called the Luminube. Designed by Japanese designer Takanori Matsukobo, the pillow that glows is undoubtedly going to add a positively glowing ambiance to a bedroom interior or wherever the pillow is placed. It’s also a main contender in this year’s James Dyson Award which encourages and inspires young design engineers.

The Luminube basically consists of a conventional pillow with LED light strips fitted within. These light up and create a glow which infuses into the rest of the pillow and surrounding interior. The ambient lighting provided is good enough for a variety of activities such as reading or writing in bed. It can also be used as a purely decorative feature and turned off or moved when going to sleep. What’s more, the LED lights come with a smart-phone controlled timer and thus can be turned on and off at particular times of the day, for instance, in the morning, when they can act in the same way as an alarm clock.

In fact, waking up to a glowing pillow might well be a more relaxing and pleasurable way to gradually awaken each dawn, rather than the loud and sudden scream of a clock. There’s something to be said for the decorative effects the LED pillow will have during more intimate moments in bed such as during love making. Unfortunately, the glowing pillow is not yet in production and is purely in the concept stage. However, if it goes on to win awards and prizes, it might well be appearing in stores worldwide.

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Via: Geeky Gadgets.