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The Twiggy Floor Lamp, best described as a long and thin curved floor lamp, is a contemporary lighting design by Marc Sadler. It’s strength rests in its amazing flexibility which allows it to grace any type of interior with both charm and function. It’s unusual and at first glance might seem top heavy and likely to topple over, however, this is merely an illusion. What I really like about this Foscarini Twiggy lamp is its slender shape.

long-thin-curved-floor-lampA special counterweight system is in play which allows for the over reaching arc of the Twiggy Lamp to remain in place. Not only this but the floor lamp can be adjusted to different heights depending on its use and location. The magic in all this and the testament to great design lies in its visual simplicity. This is furthered by the fact that the lamp is decorated in one single color.

The long and thin Twiggy floor lamp is fixed with an opaque diffuser which allows light to be focused both downwards and reflected up onto the ceiling. It’s both play full and serious in different ways and will compliment any type of interior in the home. This might include as an accent floor lamp in the main living room, next to a sofa or in a bedroom, home study or basement games room.

As I mentioned previously, I really like its sophisticated simplicity and the wonderfully long and thin curved arch of the Twiggy floor lamp’s stem. By the way, it also comes in black, white or yellow which might be more suitable for different décor schemes.

You can buy this floor lamp here: Long and Thin Curved Floor Lamp by Marc Sadler.