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If you are seeking the best ways to integrate cherished heirlooms and collectables into your new interior decor scheme, the following book by photographer Monica Rich Kosann will be a great inspiration boost. ‘Living with What You Love: Decorating with Family Photos, Cherished Heirlooms, and Collectibles’ was published earlier in the year and has already become a popular book with interior decorators and people looking for ways to add extra warmth, love and personality to their homes.

The book is packed full of stunning photographs by Monica Rich Kosann, a famed portrait photographer, who has been in and seen some of the greatest homes in the country. These also include the abodes of well-known interior designers and celebrities. Inspiration can be found on every page and there are ideas that can be gained for your own interior decor. Kosann has helped many families to incorporate their antiques, jewelry and wall art into new interiors and with fantastic outcomes, all shown in this book.

Te photographer’s own home is also included and a detailed and help guide compliments the stunning photos. After reading ‘Living with What You Love’, you’ll have new concepts and ideas about how you too can bring your cherished heirlooms, collectables, figurines and furniture to the fore in your home.