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Beauty and evil are combined in this delightful tapestry wall hanging showing the character of Lilith, a demon of ancient mythology. The tapestry is based on a painting by English artist John Collier and is decidedly Pre-Raphaelite in style and form, as was a lot of this artist’s work. The contrast between innocent-looking beauty and the destructive nature of the snake wrapped around her body bring about a wide variety of meanings that can be found throughout ancient mythology and even religion.

There are a number of contested origins of the Lilith character. However, it is generally agreed that the first known account of the character is from within the Babylonian Talmud (finished sometime between 500 and 700 AD). Further stories then developed from this point and can be found in the literature of the Canaanites and more well known, rabbinical myths connected to the biblical Adam and Eve story. Lilith was thought to be a type of demon that would wander the earth searching for newborn children to murder or kidnap. She would also seduce men in order to gain demon offspring. A vast array of superstitions thus arose from stories passed down from generation to generation based on the Lilith myth.

The tapestry wall hanging portraying Lilith with a snake is based on a rather terrible figure but the fascination with ancient mythology and folklore led poets, writers and artists to portray Lilith in multiple paintings, poems, plays and stories, especially in Europe. This beautiful tapestry which has a highly decorative and ornate border is going to make a lovely artistic addition to a living room, home library or dining room. It will make an ideal decorative feature for a person with an interest in ancient mythology and folklore from Mesopotamia, Judea, Ancient Greece and the more contemporary paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who took a great interest in the character.

You can buy it from here: Lilith Tapestry Wall Hanging.

Size: 35″x62″.