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More often than not, a room needs more lighting accents. The ceiling lights do their job well but sometimes an area of the room needs more of a focus. This can be achieved with a small lighting fixture which can also act as an item of furniture or decorative art. For a modern interior, something like the Light Cube Floor Lamp is an ideal addition that will add an extra dimension to a living room or bedroom.

light-cube-floor-lampThe Light Cube Floor Lamp as seen in the picture above is made of a seamless plastic cube which is able to hold a 60-watt bulb inside. Its sturdiness and strength mean it can be used for a variety of different scenarios, including as a seat, an accent table, a foot rest or a purely decorative lighting feature. Rounded edges means it is safe for all the family including children which allows it to be placed in any kind of domestic interior space.

What I personally like about this light cube floor lamp is its size and moveability. This means one an try it out in the living room for a few days and then move it to a child’s bedroom or to the hallway if you find a better place for it. Despite its name, the cube lamp can be placed on table tops or bookshelves as well. When guests come, it can be brought out onto the main table as a focal point for long evening discussions and chats over wine and cheese.

The light cube floor lamp can also be used outdoors on a patio or dry lawn for those warm Summer evenings. It’s perfect when a little romantic air is needed.

You can buy this illuminated cube light from here: Light Cube Floor Lamp

Price: $398