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Bringing the natural world into a library and reading room is not always one of the top priorities in a client’s list of needs. Usually the top three requirements for a home study or library are light sources, comfort and manoeuvrability. The aesthetic qualities are of course important and this was taken up a notch in the case of a home study library in Connecticut which was designed by Centerbrook Architects.

The ‘library in a forest cathedral‘ as seen in the picture below, was inspired by the great halls of medieval Europe. The three-story-high arched ceiling is filled with branches springing from the tops of natural ceder posts. Even the ladder used for accessing the higher level bookshelves is made from raw timber.

An immense steeply gabled fireplace adds to the overall Gothic feel to the space and also to the height of the room. Leather sofas are placed with their backs to lamp adorned tables to provide pin-point sources of artificial light that are important when reading.

Would you want a library like this?