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If you’re one for using home-grown herbs in your cooking then the “Herb Pot” is likely to be an attractive new element for your kitchen design scheme. It literally brings the garden indoors and within easy reach of the cooking preparation area. The concept basically merges the plant pot with kitchen storage cabinets with the additional feature of LED lights to aid plant growth.

The Japanese-made storage cabinet is just like any regular cabinet you already have in your kitchen. However, it is fitted with detachable planters that can be moved from one location to another, when needed. Any herb you can imagine can be grown in these planters and cultivated until ready to be used in a delicious meal.

Above the planters are red/blue LEDs which aid in the growth of the herbs indoors by stimulating photosynthesis. In addition, the red light element leads to the herbs containing nine times the amount of Vitamin C as would normally be the case. The minimal release of ultra-violet, heat and light means it’s very energy efficient.

You can read more about it here: Original House Storage Planter.

H/T: Trendir.