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With all the mod-cons of a 21st Century kitchen, space can often be found lacking. Where once there was a clear area, there is now a dishwasher or a wine refrigerator. Cabinets, cupboards and sinks adorn the walls and unless the kitchen is large, there is very often little space to put anything else. This is why a lighted hanging pot rack is a great space saver idea for small to medium sized kitchens.

Leaf Chandelier Lighted Pot Rack

Many kitchen utensils and cookware items are too valuable too put away hidden in a cupboard. After spending good money on a nice frying pan or stainless steel soup ladle, we want to be able to put them on display where all the family and guests can see them. The lighted hanging pot rack is the perfect answer. It’s both a ceiling light and a pot rack, thereby resulting in two must-have kitchen accessories in one.

The lighted hanging pot rack is also a magnificent decorative art piece, especially when lit after dark during preparation for an evening meal. If you also have a dinning room that is open spaced with the kitchen, the pot rack with lights will provide a sensuous accompaniment to late night wine and snacks.

This particular hanging pot rack comes with two downlights with a crafted metal surround around the canopy. A wonderfully elegant chandelier look is achieved with the six candelabras that surround the entire fixture. There is plenty of space on the canopy to store spice jars, oils and other everyday kitchen items. Accompanying the lighted hanging pot rack are six S-hooks for hanging pots, pans and kitchen utensils.

You can buy this beautiful ceiling rack from the following location: Leaf Chandelier Pot Rack with Lights

More information and dimensions are available through the link above.