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The beauty of nature becomes powerfully obvious to us all during a thunderstorm when the clouds in the night sky are briefly illuminated with electricity. Artists and painters throughout the centuries have tried to portray the visual brilliance of a lightning cloud whilst modern technology has allowed us to capture the lightning forks on film. Now, there is also a sculptural representation of an electrical storm in the form of a ceiling lamp shaped like a cloud.

The Le Nuage pendant lamp is made from polyester wadding and each light is unique in shape and size. Appearance-wise they are identical to the look of clouds floating in the sky. In the evening, when lit, the lamps will appear as if they are part of a magnificent silent thunderstorm illuminating the room in a peaceful, calm and very beautiful manner. Rooms in the home which might benefit from such unique lighting include the main living room, the master bedroom or indeed any home library or studio where it will definitely provide a outstanding focal and talking point.

As well as the illusion of a storm cloud, the Le Nuage pendant lamp for the ceiling also hints at the beauty of sunshine battling its way through an overcast day. The lamp is the creation of Dutch designer Wout Wessemius. His Groningen-based studio is where he creates his masterpieces which include sculptures and objects for both the interior of a home and the exterior. He works with a variety of different materials including rubber, copper and lead to create such items as chairs, lanterns, sculptures and tables. Environmental factors are also considered in the making of this cloud-shaped pendant lamp by the fact the bulbs used are energy-efficient.

You can see more of his work here: Wout Wessemius Design.