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Do you have a bare wall in your home which you do not quite know what to do with? Picture frames, art prints and wall sculptures are either not big enough or just make the room look rather boring. Instead, why not go for a large tree silhouette wall decal like the one shown in the pictures below? This vinyl attachment will cover an entire wall surface and add an eye-catching, nature-themed decorative feature to the whole interior space in which it’s placed.

The large tree wall decal can act as an artistic feature in itself or can alternatively merge with other decorative objects such as small pictures, coat hooks and even furniture. You can see an example of the latter idea in the image below where one can see a small paper lantern hanging from a hook in the wall where the decal’s branches reach. A piano sits below the overhanging branches and immediately sums up romantic images of music playing beneath canopies of branches outside on a warm summer’s day.

The tree decal is made from self-gloss adhesive removable vinyl which is easy to work with. It can be moved from wall to wall and corrected without destroying the decal itself or the wall on which it is placed. The tree actually comes in four parts which makes it simpler than one would imagine being 72 inches in height and 55 inches in width. Pictured in black, the tree can also be purchased in a variety of other colors which might be more suitable to individual interior design schemes.

You can buy it from here: BIG Tree with Bird Wall Decal Deco Art Sticker Mural

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