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One of the most majestic beasts to walk the earth has to be the might elephant. The beautiful and strong form of the animal lends itself well to decorative art and a fine example of this is the large elephant statue made from solid teak wood shown in the picture below. It’s designed to sit upon a table-top and become the center of attention in an interior space with consummate ease. The elephant sculpture is eye-catching to say the least.

Elephants are the largest living land animals in existence today. In many Asian cultures, the beast is seen as a symbol of wisdom whilst in scientific terms, they are thought of as one of the most intelligent animals on a par with that of dolphins and primates. The elephant is a highly distinctive creature and for this reason it is widely seen in various cultural depictions around the world. In Hinduism, the god of wisdom is seen as having the head of an elephant whilst in Alexander the Great’s Seleucid Empire, elephants were a symbol of imperial power.

This 16 inch high wooden elephant statue is made from solid wood and is handmade to appear as if striding confidently over its native terrain. The shining teak finish means it catches the light, whether artificial or daylight, which only increases its beauty. The statue is extremely detailed and life-like with all the expected attributes one would see in an elephant in the wild. Placed on a coffee table, accent table or cabinet, the large teak wood elephant statue will add balance and decorative awe to an interior décor schemes especially one with an African, Asian or colonial theme.

You can buy this sculpture from here: Large Teak Wood Elephant Statue.