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Superman, the comic book superhero, is one of the most well known figures, albeit fictional, in 20th Century history. Most adults grew up with the brave stories of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent. First created in 1932 by the American writer Jerry Siegel, the superhero from the planet Krypton is still as popular today as it has ever been. That’s why children nowadays appreciate superman inspired decor such as this large superman wall mural for a little kid’s bedroom.

The Superman wall mural shows the iconic superhero flying over the city of Metropolis where Clark Kent is a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. As one can see in the large wall mural, Superman is set beside the round advertising sphere of the newspaper building which is so integral to the stories of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. What has contributed to Superman’s longevity and popularity is the strong moral compass the character imbues which sees the caped superhero always fighting on the side of good over evil. In many ways, this large Superman wall mural is the perfect reminder for children to strive for the morally good in life and to help those less fortunate.

The large Superman wall mural is extremely easy to place onto your kid’s wall. This is due to a revolutionary Surestrip technology that allows for the wallpaper mural to be applied and also removed with ease. It’s also washable and reusable meaning the Superman wall mural can be back to fight another day if any minor accidents occur.

You can buy this superhero wall mural from the following location: Superman – Large Wall Mural – Flying Super Man.

Price: $129.99

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