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A paper clip wall sculpture is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions home office wall decor. However, if you’re looking for a quirky metal wall sculpture with a difference, then this large paper clip wall sculpture is definitely a decorative piece to consider. You’ve probably been in the situation where you have too many paper clips on your desk and sliding about in your table drawers. This is most likely the inspiration behind this contemporary metal wall art.

The large paper clip wall sculpture is handmade in thick steel and has been completed with a sleek chrome finish. They look entirely realistic albeit enlarged. Again, like the paper clips gathering dust in desk drawers, they are interwoven with one another and provide an almost philosophical backdrop to the home office interior. An ordered chaos is present that is not quite out of control but still muddled, rather like the creative mind of the writer, poet, artist or business entrepreneur. This large paper clip wall sculpture could indeed become a feature of your home office interior that aptly describes a facet of your personality.

It’s similar to the instillations one sees in modern art galleries and like these often outlandish designs, it provokes thought, contemplation and discussion. The large paper clip wall sculpture is more than just a metal wall sculpture, it can also be a representation of self and the creativity that this entails.

You can buy this contemporary metal wall art here: Paper Clip Wall Sculpture.

Price: $298.