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I like coming across home accessories that are different to the norm and that’s what I found when I discovered these large paper clip shaped wall mounted coat hooks as seen below. The concept of a doll’s house or an Alice in Wonderland fantasy world comes to the mind when viewing these oversized paper clip coat hooks. Their shape and form is exactly the same as the normal paper clip that can be found in our home office desks but their size is that of another world.

These large paper clip coat hooks for the wall are in a similar vein to the paper clip wall sculpture I wrote about a few weeks ago. The difference being, this large paper clip wall accessory is highly functional and can hold anything from coats, scarves and bags to umbrellas and even work files. It should come as no surprise in reality that the humble paper clip should become the inspiration for a modern wall mounted coat hook. A paper clip’s shape lends itself very well to a hook of any kind as can be seen in the picture.

If you’re looking for a decorative wall accessory with a difference and one that is relatively cheap in price, then these large paper clip shaped wall mounted coat hooks will be ideal. They’re especially suitable for people who work from home and perhaps entertain business related visitors in their home office. A oversized paper clip acting as a coat hook will be sure to break any ice and bring smiles to the interior environment.

The large paper clip wall mounted coat hooks are very strong and sturdy. They are made from a special heat-treated steel which has been thoroughly strengthened.

You can buy these wall mounted oversized paper clips from the following location: Large Paper Clip Shaped Wall Mounted Coat Hooks.

Each one costs $38.