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Cats love to sit high up and watch the world around them. Windowsills are a popular place for them to position themselves especially during a sunny day. However, they do like a bit of comfort and will quickly go elsewhere if the sill is too small or hard. That’s why this large padded cat window perch is the ideal feline accessory if you like to see your cat comfortable. Cats are beautiful creatures and seeing one perched by a window can add a natural decorative highlight to a room all by itself.

Another great aspect about this window perch for cats is the fact it needs no extra attachments or drill holes in the wall. The piece attaches to the wall with 2 clips that go into the track of the window. An attractive looking support underneath locks the perch in place through opposing pressure and will work for most windows in North America. This means it can easily be moved from one window to the next depending on the time of year or your kitty’s tastes.

The perch is made from a combination of wood, foam and carpet. The foam is 1 inch thick and is complimented and protected with a layer of carpet which will cope with all the wear and tear associated with cat’s claws. It will also of course make the perch highly appealing to your feline friend who will likely spend many hours preening, cleaning and admiring the view outside. If you have more than one cat, there may well be a few scraps as to who can have the padded perch most.

You can buy this item from here: Large Padded Cat Window Perch.

Price: $53.89