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When I first saw this large indoor cat tree house with multiple platforms I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. You see, the small tree you see incorporated into the large cat tree house installation is not a fake but is indeed from a real tree! I must admit I have never seen one of these before and I’m seriously contemplating purchasing one of these for my own cats. For a household with multiple cats, this multi-layered cat tree is the perfect addition for any living room especially if you have playful cats.

These cat tree houses come in a variety of sizes depending on your home interior and where you plan to locate the cat furniture piece. However each one is individually made in the US by skilled American craftsmen which means a great quality product.

indoor-cat-tree-house-with-leavesWhilst the wooden tree that makes up part of the indoor cat tree house is real, the leaves are not. These are made from skilfully created synthetic silk leaves. The look of the leaves is nevertheless very life like and contribute to the overall look of the cat tree house and the surrounding area. Each of the platforms as well as the snug little house at the bottom have carpeted floors which provide extra comfort for the cat as well as safe landing zones for exploring kittens.

This large indoor cat tree house with matching platforms is a great idea for any cat lover, like myself. There is little to match the joy one gets when watching one’s cats running and playing together especially if they are still in the kitten period. The tall indoor tree house with a real tree incorporated into the design will provide the cats with natural scratching posts as well as strong and secure vantage points. It’s certain a cat furniture piece that will create excitement and many years of joy for both your pets and your family.

You can see more images, information and purchasing details here: Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses

By the way, each one comes with a customisable Tree House Medallion so you can have your cat’s name inscribed.