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If you’re from Australia or are familiar with the local wildlife there then you’ll know about the amazing looking Frilled Neck Lizard. Many animals lend themselves wonderfully well to art and design due to their curved, unique, expressive and often downright bizarre forms. This lizard is no exception and has been portrayed in this large metal lizard sculpture for either the home interior or alternatively a garden or patio setting. It will look perfect in either environment.

The Frilled Neck Lizard, which is also known as the frilled dragon, is an iconic animal in northern Australia. Its name as one might imagine is taken from the ruff of skin or neck frill which so distinguishes it from other lizards in its habitat. The frill is also an ideal design to incorporate into lizard sculptures and artistic representations as shown with this large metal sculpture made from steel. This dynamic aspect of the lizard is used to warn off enemies and is also used in courtship.

Henry Depere is the creative mind behind this sculpture and has welded metal sheets to form this frilled neck lizard sculptural work. Laser cutting techniques together with glass eyes make the lizard pretty life-like in many ways and is sure to scare a few birds off and a cat or two. When placed indoors it will enliven an interior, especially one with a decidedly reptilian or Australian theme to it. It’s American made and has been carefully hand crafted in the state of Arizona. This means it’s a quality piece that will withstand the path of time.

You can buy it from here: Frilled-Neck Lizard Sculpture.

Price: $249.99