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Are you looking for an indoor bench that is both long in length, unusual and highly expressive? If so, look no further than this eye-catching golden Elwynn Bench shaped like a tree. In any interior space, this sprawling tree branch bench will bring an added touch of style, splendour and highly functional extra seating space on which friends, family and guests can sit. Tree inspired furniture has long been popular and this captivating faux bois bench takes the design theme to a whole new level.

The Elwynn bench is made from a mixture of concrete and steel, thus making it a solid heavy furniture piece which will stand up to the tests of time. It can also be placed outside and sits just as well in a garden as it does in a hallway, living room or kitchen. The concrete and steel have been given a faux bois finish. In French, “faux bois” can be translated to “false wood” and that’s precisely what it is. Ferrocement faux bois uses a combination of concrete, mortar and grout applied to a steel frame or armature to sculpt life-like representations of wooden objects.

Wherever in the home you want a furniture piece to grab people’s attentions, then this delightful tree themed bench will be a perfect addition to the space. Larger homes with bigger rooms will certainly be more suitable to this expressive bench and it can find a great home in a wide variety of interior décor schemes from Bohemian to Classical. You’ll no doubt have a few ideas already of where to put it in your own home. Perhaps in a large spacious entrance area or alternatively in a kitchen interior in place of a traditional breakfast table and chair set.

You can buy it from here: Large Faux Bois Elwynn Bench.

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