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Most people like games of one sort or another and when combined with a favourite interest such as a love of history, the two can make an exceptional addition to a home interior. This is most definitely the case with this large Crusader themed chess set with playing pieces in the costumes and styles of the Crusader periods. Both Christian and Muslim (or European and Arab/Turkish) armies are represented with beautifully coloured clothing, weapons, symbols and architecture.

The chess pieces come with the option of an added walnut chess board which provides an elegant and charming battleground on which to fight those bloody battles. The Crusades are frequently a favourite era of history for children and adults alike. Kids love all the costumes and, in the case of boys at least, all the blood and guts associated with the horrific violence that occurred. For adults, the skills of warfare, the tactics and the wider historical consequences are fascinating to say the least. To this day, events which took place many centuries ago still have a bearing on what takes place in parts of the world in the present moment.

The chess set includes all the regular pieces you’ll expect to see in a chess match line-up. The pawns stand proudly with weapons at the ready whilst the rear line includes a pair of rooks in the architectural style of the periods and settings. Also present are a pair of knights in costume applicable to each side, plus a pair of bishops (and the Islamic equivalent). There are also a King and Queen, the Kings quite possibly being King Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. Your imaginations can choose which of the famous leaders each one represents.

A chess set like this with the attractive walnut chess board will make a highly decorative and eye-catching impression on an interior space. Situated in a living room or home library, the chess set can be incorporated into a particular décor scheme or stand alone as a fun and dynamic accessory on which to play out one’s love of history with friends and family.

You can buy the set from here: Crusade Themed Chess Set.

Optional extra: 18″ Walnut Chess Board.