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Love cats? Like tea? Adore contemporary art? This large colourful cat teapot will be right up your street then. The quirky and funky sculptural teapot is the creation of renowned Brazilian-American designer Romero Brittos. The Neo-Pop artists work is famous for bringing together rich bright colors with playful shapes related to elements in cubism. All together they evoke an intended spirit of joy, hope, and warmth to any type of setting.

This large teapot has a triangular shape and a wonderfully wobbly lined handle. Polka dots and straight lines are evident whilst a playful cat with its tongue sticking out adds humor and character to the tea container. Teapots in general, whilst looking nice, are never usually cheer inspiring, but this one certainly is. It shouts happiness in its very nature and celebrates the positive beat of life. Brittos has his art work featured on nearly every continent and his appeal has led to him being showcased in over 100 different locations.

You can buy his teapot from here: Large Colorful Cat Themed Teapot.

The Britto Foundation is another of Romero’s creations, which aims to advance education and humanitarian initiatives for children worldwide.