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It’s sometimes difficult to know how to decorate the walls of a bathroom, especially if it’s on the small side. Most of us don’t usually place are best pictures or paintings in this room due to the excess condensation and odors. Add to this, a lot of the bathroom wall is often taken up with tiling and mirrors, such as above the sink and around the bath and shower. More commonly than not, a bathroom is left devoid of any decorative accents whatsoever.

This needn’t be the case. Wall stickers are one of my favorite solutions for such rooms. Some readers might well be thinking this is a cheap and tacky way out of the dilemma but I can assure you it’s not if the right stickers are found. I’m not talking about small Disney type cartoon stickers you find on car windows or in kid’s bedrooms, but instead of more tasteful designs that can compliment any type of bathroom.

white-bathroom-wall-stickieAs you’ll see in the image above, a large decorative tree wall sticker adorns the wonderfully presented white bathroom. Its understated look merges perfectly with other highlights and accents. The delicate and natural shapes of the branches add roundness to the interior and in many ways soothes the regular lines and edges in the average bathroom. The industrial feel of the bathroom is reduced and a fresh visual treat replicating that seen in nature is added to the welcoming ambiance of the interior space.

There are numerous wall sticker themes but the ones I much prefer are those of the tree variety like in the picture below.

This Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker is made up of individually pre-cut sections that can be fitted onto an interior wall in any which way you so desire. The best bit is that the sticker pieces are easily removable and re-positionable so if you make a mistake or just want a change, they can be re-arranged within seconds.

In fact, it’s not just in bathrooms where this Cherry Blossom Wall Sticker can be used but in any room in the home. Perhaps a romantic touch can be added in the main bedroom with lamp light to highlight the beautiful forms of the branches. A little girl’s room will also benefit from the natural accent adorning your daughter’s wall. The possibilities are endless and exciting. It may even ignite a flame of creativity and lead you to make your own wall stickers.

You can buy this tree wall sticker from the following location: Cherry Blossom Wall Stickers

It’s priced at $21.50.