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Showing off photographs of members of the family to friends and guests that visit the home is a proud moment for many people. This is especially the case as we get older and cherish the memories and events in the lives of our children and grandchildren. Photographs become more important as more are collected and further memories are preserved for a life time. That’s why it can be nice to have something like this triple panel display screen for photos and pictures that mean a lot to us.

3-panel-photo-artwork-display-screenThe large 3 panel photo display screen seen above is an ideal addition to the home if you are seeking a special area where the best family photographs can be displayed in a gallery format. Reminiscent of an Art Gallery, the three panel display screen safely and securely showcases images that are desired to be seen every day. Instead of getting out the photo albums which can be laborious, especially if you have a bad back, you can instead admire the photograph and picture collection from the comfort of a chair or sofa.

Regardless of what you place in the 15 slots that make up the free-standing photo display screen, it will be a focal point of the room in which it is placed. The simple design means the pictures are the main focus whilst the pleasant and understated structure merges into the background.

The photo floor standing triple display screen can also be used to showcase art work, whether your own or the children’s. This will provide a place of pride for little kids who have worked hard on pictures at school and want to have them displayed in their own little art gallery at home. As noted, there are various uses for this photo display screen which comes in a triptych format.

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