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This antique brass floor lamp encapsulates a lantern theme. Lanterns are generally seen as an outdoor lighting device which are either hung from a fixture or carried about by hand. However, this indoor lantern floor lamp merges the traditional fixed interior light with an ancient old candle container which has evolved rapidly over recent centuries. The final result is elegant, simple, functional and very beautiful.

The lantern floor lamp echoes the shape of a street lamp and this is indeed what lanterns were used for; lighting streets and passageways. In history lanterns, in various formats, were also used as decorative features, essential light fittings in homes, lighthouse lamps, and as part of religious and cultural festivals. This lantern lamp for the home will sit well in most living rooms, bedrooms or studies where it will be a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to the setting.

You can buy it from here: Lite Source Floor Lamp in Antique Brass.

Dimensions: 58″ H x 9″ W