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Have you or someone you know recently entered the law profession? Perhaps you are a long-standing attorney who would like to keep an artistic and visually appealing reminder of what law and justice truly means. If so, take a look at this exquisite Lady Justice bronze sculpture for a desk, table or shelf. The allegorical personification of the moral force in judicial systems will certainly act as a decorative focus in office and home interiors together with being a great themed addition.

Lady Justice, also known as Goddess Justitia (Roman) or Goddess Themis/Dike/Astraia (Greek) is a figure known worldwide as a symbol of law and justice. Her sculptural representation can be seen outside law courts and in public squares in numerous nations. Some of the most famous include the statues found across Washington DC plus those outside the Old Bailey Criminal Court in London and on the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (fountain created in 1541) in the German city of Frankfurt. Many representations of Lady Justice can also be found in paintings and images in most Western buildings associated with law.

The exact origins of the Lady Justice character are rather obscure but she is believed to be a hybrid of Ancient Greek and Roman figures that were gradually merged together over the centuries. The bronze coloured sculpture above comes with scales, a sword and is also wearing a blindfold. This representation is regarded as having come into being around the 16th Century. If you have a deep interest in antiquity and/or law, then this sculptural representation of Lady Justice made from cold cast bronze will make a lovely feature in your office, whether in a law firm or in your private office/library at home. The detailing is said to be quite remarkable.

You can buy it here: Goddess of Justice & Law Statue.

It measures 12.5 inches tall and comes with a felt bottom so as to protect the surface on which it is placed.