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Combining Chinese and Japanese designs, this Kwan Yin (Guanyin) shoji screen is a delightful mesh of two very ancient cultures. The screen acts in much the same way as a conventional room divider and is composed of three panels which can be folded inwards or outwards to create an eye-catching decorative feature. Perfect for an interior with a decidedly Eastern décor scheme, the image of the Chinese ‘Goddess of Mercy’ will bring a compassion-inducing ambiance to a room.

Kwan Yin (known in China as Guanyin) is a well-known character in Buddhism and is considered a bodhisattva, which is an enlightened being. In more recent Chinese mythology she is also seen as a goddess of compassion and mercy. Originally depicted, long ago, as a male figure, the gender of the Buddhist character changed over time and now most frequently resembles a female seated in a meditative position. In the image on the shoji screen, Kwan Yin is holding a lotus flower although in other representations she if often seen with a water bowl or fish basket in her hands.

Knowledge of Guanyin also reached the shores of Japan, as did Buddhism as a whole, via Korea. It is thus not such a surprise to see a Japanese item of furniture decorated with a Chinese theme. To this day, Kwan Yin is highly regarded and much loved across China and she is seen as a goddess of unconditional love, compassion and mercy.

Made from matchstick bamboo, the pictured shoji screen (which were traditionally used as partitions in classical Japanese homes), will create an interesting and attractive feature in a living room or bedroom setting. It can be used to hide more unsightly areas of an interior or be used to dress behind in a shared bedroom. In a room where guests congregate, the Guanyin screen will likely inspire conversations and discussions about philosophy, history and travels.

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