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When it comes to unique rocking chairs, the Ku Dir Ka rocking chair by Paulius Vitkauskas beats the lot. The 10-legged creation looks like an escaped medical experiment on arachnids that went wrong. It is however a perfectly usable item of contemporary furniture for people of all ages to enjoy. Sit and rock to your favourite rock band or classical symphony on the iPod on this Ku Dir Ka Rocking Chair and it will be as though you’re sitting on a regular rocker.

ku-dir-ka-rocking-chair-10-legsThe futuristic design of this unique rocking chair with 10 legs means an expectation that delivers something else. Most people when coming across a regular chair in this style expect motionless stability but instead they are treated to a moving sitting experience, which is perfectly safe one has to add. The design means that unless the person rocks to and fro with wild abandon, the Ku Dir Ka Rocking Chair will not topple over.

This unique rocking chair is designed by Paulius Vitkauskas and has received praise from all corners of the globe for conceptual and aesthetic innovation. It’s created out of plywood and is available to buy in either red or black. Due to the futuristic and stylish look of this 10-legged rocking chair, it is an item of furniture best suited to a modern interior theme or Bohemian scheme.

If you like to entertain people regularly or are an artist, musician or similar creative type, then this contemporary rocking chair will more than likely match your dynamic personality and home interior styles.

You can buy this 10-legged rocking chair from the following location: KU DIR KA Rocking Chair.

Price: $699