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Walls in the home often need a decorative element to give them a lift and added character. When a certain theme is desired, the type of art piece or wall sculpture becomes much easier to choose. This is the case if you’re searching for a Native American themed metal wall art sculpture such as this 3-D representation of the Kokopelli fertility deity so well known in the South West of the United States. It will thus make a perfect addition to an interior for anyone connected to these old regional tribes.

The Kokopelli deity is depicted in native art forms as a humpbacked flute player. Large feather-like protrusions and sometimes a gigantic phallus are also included depending in the tribe and location of the art work. In tradition, the Kokopelli is connected to childbirth and agriculture whilst he also represents the spirit of music and tricks. The deity is said to chase Winter away and welcome Spring by his flute playing.

This story can be seen in this Kokopelli sun metal wall art sculpture which is decorated with a beautiful purple-red color combination achieved using the unique Kaleidikolor process. The steel has been laser cut by skilled craftsmen and looks absolutely stunning. When situated in an interior environment it will compliment many different types of décor schemes.

You can buy this piece here: Kokopelli Sun Metal Wall Art Sculpture in 3-D.

Price: $79.95