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A combination of furniture upholstery and knitwear is the basic premise of the Knitted Chairs by British designer Melanie Porter. For anyone who loves the comfortable feel of a knitted blanket, scarf or sweater, these knitwear chairs will be right up your street. Not only are they delightful to snuggle up in but they also look great and will fit into a variety of rooms and compliment the various interior decor schemes.

Porter makes these knitted chairs by finding old and vintage chairs from auctions, second-hand shops and markets across the United Kingdom. She then strips the furniture pieces down to their frames before restoring and reupholstering them using her knitting talents. Hand-knitted panels are created in different styles and designs for each particular chair.

It takes a white to complete each piece and even the smallest of crocheted buttons are done by hand. Without doubt, the work is a labor of love and the stunning results show this. In fact, each has been given a rather charming name such as Winnie, Albert, Nora and Rufus.

You can see the full array of knitted chairs here: Melanie Porter Chairs.

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(Photo © Melanie Porter)