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A great way to add a multiple array of vivid colors to your kitchen interior is with this utensil carousel holder with six accompanying kitchen utensils. It’s bright, vibrant, interesting and fully functional and will inject color into your food preparation area like little else. The countertop tool set includes the six most common utensils that are used in everyday cooking activities such as a ladle and spatula.

The colourful kitchen utensil set comes with heat resistant handles thus ensuring comfortable and safe usage even when things start to get hot in the kitchen. The holder itself rotates and thereby provides easy to reach accessibility to whichever utensil is needed at any one moment. This is very important during periods in the kitchen when things can get a bit hectic.

Included in the vibrant kitchen utensil set are a variety of common colors and these consist of blue, yellow, pink, orange, light green and dark green. These are all combined with the attractive dark gray of the main utensil body. The materials used in the construction of the utensils makes cleaning easy work and permanent stains are unlikely.

Kitchens are often the one interior in the home lacking in decorative color and tonal contrasts. We frequently focus on the most important aspects such as appliances, sinks, cupboards, countertops and flooring whilst largely forgetting, apart from a vase of flowers, the smaller details which can really highlight and enliven the food creation arena. This utensil carousel is one such item you can use to achieve a vivid and colourful feature to your kitchen.

You can buy it from here: Kitchen Utensil Holder Carousel.

The carousel stands at 14 inches in height.