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Before buying a bed it is important to know what size and type you will need. This will match to a certain extent with your bedroom interior dimensions as well as pre-existing decor and furnishings. In this post I will focus on the differences and benefits of the two types of King sized bed in a battle of the bedding titans. Welcome to King versus California King!

There are four names to remember when it comes to king size beds and these are: Standard King, Eastern King, California King and Western King. Fortunately, there are only two types of King but each has a pair of names.

Shilo-King-Size-Bed-Matte-BlackStandard King (aka – Eastern King)

Size: 76″ wide x 80″ long

Width per person: 38″

Benefits: The Standard King bed is the widest bed available and is most suited to couples. It’s also the most comfortable for two adults due to the two box springs or frames that are inbuilt with all beds of this type. The length of the bed will accommodate all but the most tallest of people.

Drawbacks: The size of a Standard King bed means it is not suitable for small to small-medium sized bedrooms. Depending on the size of the doorways, passageways and stairways, this type of bed might be difficult to install. Bedding is naturally more expensive in the King sizes.

Mercer-California-King-Size-BedCalifornia King (aka – Western King)

Size: 72″ wide x 84″ long

Width per person: 36″

Benefits: The California King size mattresses are wide enough to comfortably accommodate two people. It’s also the longest type of bed available which means it is perfect for tall people. An extremely tall person can also use it as a single bed and sleep diagonally from corner to corner without any discomfort.

Drawbacks: Like with all King beds, the size means it can be difficult to install into a bedroom interior. However, it does come with two half-width box springs which makes it more manageable when moving. Depending on the pre-existing furniture located in the bedroom, this size of bed might not be suitable for small rooms.


It’s vital that before you buy sheets for your new bed, that you take measurements. Flat sheets will fit both types of King beds whilst fitted sheets will be more exact in the type of bed they can adorn.