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The decorative hand woven hemp pillow with a silk screened Japanese kimono print, as seen below, is in fact made by artisans in Thailand. We often associate Thailand with second-rate products that are low in quality and high in quantity but in the case of this beautiful green and white pillow, the care taken in its creation is exceptional. It’s also environmentally friendly due to the materials it has been made from.

Hemp is a highly suitable material for making decorative pillows and related fabrics. It is very fast growing and requires little to no pesticides which reduces the amount of damage done to surrounding eco-systems. In many ways, hemp has a similar feel to linen and is soft and comfortable to the touch. This means it is both functional as a comfy pillow and aesthetically pleasing in a decorative arrangement.

This have woven hemp pillow is made by women from a hill-tribe in the northern region of Thailand. A Kimono print has been silk-screened onto the pillow thus creating an added feature to please the eye. The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which was worn country-wide until the 20th Century. These were actually influenced by Han Chinese clothing, known as Hanfu, dating all the way back to the 5th century.

You can buy this pillow from here: Thai Hemp Kimomo Decorative Pillow.

Price: $48