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Ever since I was a young child, I have been fascinated with world maps and geographical locations. That’s why I would have begged my parents for this Kilburg Geochron World Clock if it had been around when I was a kid. The amazing world map clock is the perfect size to fit on a home office desk or library bookshelf for anyone who works from home and needs to know the time in any part of the world quickly. For lovers of geography, it will also act as a decorative and functional feature to an interior.

The Kilburg Geochron World Clock is visually beautiful to look at and has the ability to be placed on a flat surface or hung on a wall. A wooden border provides the ability to choose from a choice of 3 finishes which will further improve the world map clock’s ability to compliment and merge with the existing interior space. So what does the Kilburg Geochron World Clock do exactly and what does it display?

As I mentioned earlier, the Kilburg Geochron World Clock displays the traditional world map with each individual country highlighted as well as all 24 “standard” time zones. An indicator at the bottom of the Kilburg Geochron World Clock displays the days, date and month applicate to any given moment in time. What I personally like most about this world map clock are the visuals concerning the distribution of sunlight around the world. For example, a curved distinction (an analemma) between light and dark is permanently moving across the screen mapping out the encroaching day time and night time on various parts of the Earth’s surface.

For real enthusiasts of geography like myself and of course for frequent air travellers, the Kilburg Geochron World Clock also displays the exact time when the sun will rise and fall as well as the current season anywhere in the world. There are various other features to the Kilburg Geochron World Clock which you can read about via the link mentioned below.

If you work online and need to quickly know the time in various parts of the world, then this attractive rectangular world map clock will make not only an appealing decorative accessory for your desk but also a highly functional and accurate time piece. The Kilburg Geochron World Clock can be used in the home, in the office or wherever you like to keep updated on world events, locations and their time zones. For some people this world map clock will be used in conjunction with important international business, for others, it will be a fascinating, unique and educational feature to a room whether placed on a desk or on the wall.

You can read more about this world map clock as well as the purchase details here: Kilburg Geochron World Clock.

There is also a review you can read via the above link from a previous buyer whose family was much impressed with this world map clock.