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Bunk beds are universally popular with kids around the world. I myself had one when I was a child and still have fond memories of climbing up and down the ladder at night and in the mornings. The feeling when on the top bunk of being on top of the world is very powerful for a little boy. That’s why I was fascinated with these kid’s bunk beds with slides that I found when on my internet travels.

Slides are an added element to these kid’s bunk beds that I’d not before envisioned, especially not when I was a child myself. How I would have endlessly gone up and down these slides if I had had one of these themed bunk beds in my youth. There are a variety of constructions to be found on the website including beds for little boys and also little girls. Many are of the castle and princess theme whilst others incorporate a military, fire house and more general theme.

If you thought a bunk bed with a slide was something wonderful, just wait until you find out many also come with tents. This means when your child’s friends come to sleep over or play, they can busy themselves pretending to be soldiers or princesses on the top bunk and in the spaces underneath. Oh to be a kid again and know these were in existence.

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