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Children and especially little girls love to play with pretend kitchen sets. It’s a perfectly healthy stage of development and a wonderful chance to cultivate their imaginations and creativity. I remember when I was a child, having an assortment of play sets including a plastic post office terminal with plastic coins and paper notes. Looking back it was incredibly basic, but at that age I found it was rich in detail and possibilities. It had nothing on this beautiful kid’s kitchen play set in a charming country kitchen style as seen in the image below.

kids-kitchen-play-set-country-styleThis kid’s kitchen play set is almost too good to be put in the possession of children. The decoration is extremely beautiful and could be used as a purely decorative item in a child’s bedroom or even the sun room.

Little girls can boys can cook on the pretend stove and after their pretend dinner, wash the dishes in the steel sink with pretend water that will never be too hot. In the cabinets there is enough room to store all sorts of pretend food, supplies and kitchen utensils.

This kid’s kitchen play set is a limited edition. Each set has been individually hand crafted and hand painted meaning a lot of care has been put into the creation of each one. I’m not sure how much longer this kitchen set will be available but at the time of writing it cost $200.

You can read more about it here: Country Style Kitchen Set Limited Edition

I think it’s the best kitchen play set I’ve ever seen and would purchase it in an instant if I had children.

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