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There are many ways to bring education into the home environment without making your child sit at a desk and learn information by rote. As any parent will know, children pick up on things through everyday activities and often learn best when having fun. Kid’s also love colorful and decorative items which bring excitement and playfulness into their surroundings. This is why, for a very young child, a colorful ABC alphabet quilt with numbers is an ideal bedding accessory for their bedroom.

kids-abc-alphabet-quiltI’m sure most of you remember seeing patchwork quilts as a child, whether your own or on your grandparent’s bed. Many Americans also delight in making their own if gifted with their fingers and a thread. An alphabet quilt like the one in the picture is perfect for a child just learning their ABCs and numbers. Throughout the day, a parent can casually ask the child to recite the letters, whether just before bedtime in a sing-song or in the morning before school whilst getting dressed.

A child’s subconscious mind will also see the alphabet more often, naturally being attracted to the pretty colors and patterns, thereby aiding memory retention. It’s also well known that during sleep, kid’s memories are incubated and strengthened, so seeing the quilt just before bedtime will also be a bonus.

A kid’s quilt can be put in multiple types of location. The bedroom is the most obvious location as a piece of bedding but it can also be used to adorn a wall. During the colder months, a child can use it to snuggle up in whilst watching television in the living room as well. It can even be used as a rug.

You can buy this quilt from the following location: Kid’s Colorful ABC Alphabet Quilt.

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