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I talk about my memories a lot on this blog and another one popped up today when I came across these building blocks. They remind me of smaller versions of wooden blocks I played with as a child. Naturally, childhood is an important developmental stage and there is little doubt my creative juices were enhanced by forming shapes, buildings and military battlefields for my toy soldiers with those blocks.

wooden-module-furniture-blocksIf you want to improve and develop your children’s spacial awareness, then I definitely recommend purchasing a similar set of playing blocks to the ones pictured. These were designed by Michelle Kaufmann and her husband for a friend’s baby. Each piece was made from reclaimed wood and crafted in their own wood shop. Various types of wood were used including cherry, white oak, wenge and purple heart. These were then sanded and finished with natural oils.

square-tub-of-building-blocksYou might be familiar with those traditional wooden puzzles which come in small boxes. The ones where you have to fit together the pieces so as they fit snugly in a container. Well, this set is very similar. All the pieces, if placed in the correct combination, will fit perfectly into their translucent container box. This allows for further educational and spacial training as well as just plain fun.

wooden-blocks-on-table-surfaceThe set reminds me of a table-top cathedral game I have made from similar types of wood. That involves placing together wooden blocks in the shapes of Medieval English buildings into a certain sized flat square board, with unmovable city walls on each of the four sides. That gave my father and I much merriment and frustration when I was a teenager.

wood-chair-made-from-blocksI’ve featured this particular set because I believe it will give you inspiration to perhaps make your own set, if you are talented with your hands or purchase a similar style of building blocks which can also act as decorative features in a kid’s room or living room.

You can see more pictures here: Michelle Kaufmann.

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