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Small children love to draw on just about any surface they can find. That’s why it’s sensible to purchase a chalk board of some kind where they can release their creative energies without damaging one’s home decor. In fact, the Chalkals Hootie by Modern Dose combines this functional benefit to parents together with a decorative wall accent which will compliment an array of existing kid’s bedroom designs and themes.

With Halloween a popular occasion for children, the black owl wall chalk board will also be a nice addition for the Fall. The two owls sitting on the branch which make up this particular chalkal are made from adhesive chalkboard vinyl which is easy to wipe clean and can be used over and over again. The owls are simple to attached to any type of wall and can be removed and then repositioned again without damaging the wall surface, included those that have been painted.

Owls are a fun animal to include in home decor designs for children. Their naturally large eyes and recognisable features, together with their cultural symbolism, make the night bird very popular as an image. Placed together with other animal or spooky themes, the owl chalkboards will enliven the ambiance of a bedroom, playroom or even the main kitchen.

You can buy this chalkal here: Kid’s Black Owl Wall Chalk Board.

Price: $65

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