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The bathroom is an ideal room to decorate using kid’s themes and decor. After all it is the place where a child’s day begins and ends. Adding vibrant colors and exciting accents can make bath time a lot more enjoyable for all concerned. However, a kid’s bathroom also needs to be safe and serve a function. As well as this, there will need to be storage areas in order to keep the space tidy.

In many homes, the bathroom is usually the smallest interior space in the house. For this reason it is best not to over-clutter the decor and instead to keep it simple. Think of a happy shade of color instead that will enthuse into the room. If you are working with a theme, then this will help in choosing what tones and colors to go with. For nautical themes you might go with a turquoise color. An airplane bathroom theme might see a duck egg blue whilst a forest or jungle scene will need a shade of green.

decorating-kids-bathroomOne of the best ways to add highlights and fun little additions is to use stencils or vinyl wall decals. These are easy to use and are widely available in many different subjects, shapes and sizes.

For a glass enclosed shower cubical and bathroom window there are a number of fun options. One of my favorites is the vinyl window decal. Make sure you go with the static cling type and not the adhesive which is a devil to get off once you want to make a design change later on. Another of my favorites is the ‘window stickie’. These are little craft kits which can be used to decorate anything which has a glass or glass-like surface.

Safety is a prime concern for a parent in their kid’s bathroom. With this in mind make sure that all bath mats and floor mats have good traction so as to avoid a child slipping over. As well as safety features, these mats can add an exciting and fun aspect to bath time. They will also serve as sign-posts, teaching your child that it’s always good to look where you’re about to tread.

The same advice goes for step stools and anything else which your kid will stand or sit upon. before you buy, check the bottom of the stools’ legs for proper tread and traction. Think also of other possible dangers such as pointy clothes hooks. Ideally these will be far above the head height of your child.

With a little planning and imagination, designing a kid’s bathroom will be a fun and fulfilling endeavour that will excite both you and your child. Once the basics have been designed, think too about involving your child in the process of adding highlights and accents that will make their bathroom a lot more personal.

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