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Children love colourful items in their bedroom or playroom and these Redmon Bongo Buckets are no exception to this rule. Whether placed in the corner of a kid’s room or in the general laundry room, the pop-up hampers in a multitude of colors will provide an attractive and highly functional element for both children and parents alike. They’ll certainly make Mom’s job of collecting the dirty laundry a whole lot easier.

In fact, the Redmon Bongo Buckets can be used in a variety of other settings and for various different items other than dirty linen and clothing. Children can use the durable nylon fabric buckets to store puzzles, games, toys and clean clothing such as underwear or alternatively, clean bath towels. The possibilities are endless and they can even be used in the classroom environment to allow extra functional space and to add much needed color to the teaching area.

The Bongo Buddy pop-up hampers are double stitched for added strength which means they’ll last a long time and will withstand your children’s wear and tear. They can also be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth if and when they get a little dusty or stained. When not in use, the colorful hampers can be folded flat and placed tidily into storage. Two carrying handles make them easy to transport, whether full to the brim or completely empty.

You can buy them from here: Redmon Bongo Buckets, Multi.

Price: $15.99