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If you have a budding academic in the family who is still young enough to have been born this side of the new Millennium, then a metal loft bed with matching computer desk is going to be their dream come true. Some children show intelligence and metal skill beyond their years and it some becomes apparent they need further stimulation. Nowadays, computers offer young kids a world of fantastic and fascinating information to help with their school studies and fuel their natural inquisitiveness.

This contemporary loft bunk bed is made from a strong and durable steel framework which has a modern and elegant appearance. The design means it will fit in with and compliment a wide variety of bedroom décor schemes and will even adapt with changing decoration themes as the child grows older. In fact, the bed will be just as functional and usable when your son has reached the middle of his teenage years.

The loft bed comes with guardrails attached which help prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring during the middle of the night, especially with young children. A sturdy latter which is integrated into the overall steel frame design contributes to the safety aspect and is a fun way for children to access the top bunk. The metal framework will benefit any type of bedroom in which it is situated, due to the economical use of the framework. Some bunk beds look heavy and can overburden a smallish bedroom but this loft bed will keep the interior light, bright and seemingly less full.

Underneath the top bunk is a computer desk and matching shelving. A keyboard rest completes the look and is highly functional for kids who like to use computers for work and play. Instead of cluttering up a bedroom with a work desk, this loft bed with integrated computer desk solves the space problem and combines two important children’s furniture pieces, into one. It’s an eye-catching piece and will be the envy of his friends.

You can buy this bed here: Kid’s Loft Bed with Metal Computer Desk.

Dimensions: 80 x 42 x 68 inches.