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Justin Bieber is the Canadian singing sensation who has captured the hearts and minds of young girls across the world. Adults who don’t have young daughters might well be forgiven for wondering just who this floppy haired pop star is. As with all matters related to celebrities, people want to know what Justin Bieber’s house interiors look like and what furnishings, decorative accessories and colors he has inside his home.

Unfortunately, this type of information is relatively unknown due to his tender age of 16 and parental privacy. After all, he most likely still lives at home and thus the decor in his house will be decided by the parents or professional interior designers and decorators. That said, people still like to imagine and construct what Justin Bieber’s interior styles and settings will look like in a couple of years time when he’ll have his own place and be fully in charge of fitting his surroundings to the way he wants it.

Some clever people have offered some suggestions and possibilities in relation to Bieber’s probable design style in the home. These are based partly on his fashion style and also his noted interests from magazine interviews and television appearances.

Check it out here: Designing Justin Bieber’s House.

There are also some posters Justin Bieber fans might like as well as directions to fan clubs and biographies on the web.