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Perhaps you are tired of the sculptures you have dotted around your living room and bedroom. You’re looking for something more interesting and with a little uniqueness about it, something that will spark your interest and that of your guests. Well, if this is the case you might be interested in the sculptural work of Australian artist James Corbett who makes original sculptures out of junk car parts.

junk-car-metal-sculpture-of-bikerTake for instance this scrap metal sculpture of a speedway racer called the ‘Speedway Slider’. The action and character seen in this sculpture is immediately apparent and is an inspired by Corbett’s love for motors and speed.

James Corbett’s work has been sold to people across the world and his sculptural pieces made from junk car parts can now be found in nations such as Switzerland, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the United States. Most of his work is life-like in nature but he also has a range of abstract pieces which appear to document his travels and even satire of politics.

The car parts that Corbett uses range from the very new to the very old. Some scrap pieces are over 80 years old and merge well with more modern versions of technology to form an even more interesting sculptural piece. The original integrity of each car part is kept and it’s rare if ever that any pieces are bent or reshaped.

walking-woman-and-dog-sculpture-car-partsThe majority of Corbett’s work is available to buy, such as this rather stunning ‘Walking Miss Daisy’ car part sculpture showing a woman walking a dog. Spark plugs mark up much of her body whilst other car parts provide the basis for the rest of the metal sculpture. His work has been shown on television and also put on display in galleries worldwide. You can see a whole gallery of his pieces here: James Corbett Car Part Sculptor.

(All images belong to James Corbett)