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A jungle themed bedroom is an exciting decor option for any parents with young children. For those that live in urban areas, the desire to bring some nature and exotic scenery into the home is often increased. With a jungle themed bedroom decor scheme, your child will not only gain an exciting environment in which to play but also a pathway to learn more about the natural world.

Passions and hobbies that we carry on throughout our lifetimes are more often than not formed in some small way during childhood. For this reason, it is important to give children as many chances as we naturally can to discover the world around them, whether in the local area or on the other side of the world. Western children will only see jungles on television and in picture books but with a little decor adjustments and design, their whole bedroom can become the very environment they found so fascinating.

Monkeys, parrots, lions, snakes and jaguars are all creatures found in the jungle scene. Each one can provide an exciting opportunity for learning. As well as this, all of these animals’ very form and coloring can provide marvellous inspiration for the design of bedding, wall murals, paintings, furniture and general bedroom accessories.

I’ve created a squidoo page on this very theme which goes into vastly more detail that I can put here, about the decor and furniture one can use when designing a jungle themed bedroom for a child. You can read this page at the following location: Jungle Themed Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration