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When looking for the highest quality butcher block cart for your kitchen, you are unlikely to come across one better than the John Boos Cucina Toscano. It’s incredibly strong, highly functional and exquisite to the eye. The cart is designed to be easy to manoeuvre around a kitchen interior thereby becoming an inseparable part of food preparation and utensil storage. A thick and hard maple top provides an extra work surface area for various kitchen-based duties.

Kitchen carts in general are very useful items of furniture which have become incredibly popular over recent years. Small wheels allow for the cart to be moved from one area of the kitchen to another and even into a different space such as a dining room or pantry. This allows the cart, such as this John Boos Cucina Toscano, to be employed in a number of different roles. These include as a serving cart, a food preparation table, a storage area and even as a decorative furniture piece in its own right.

Many kitchen spaces have been poorly designed and little can be done about their shapes other than expensive refurbishment. However, a kitchen cart can bring a lot more usability to the interior as well as aesthetic charm. If the floor space is large enough, a cart can serve as a kitchen island thus creating an extra dimension and much needed work table, to a busy kitchen. When not in use, it can then be wheeled into a corner, against a wall or into a laundry room. This is especially useful if you rent or cannot afford major refurbishment to what is otherwise a rather lacklustre kitchen.

The John Boos Cucina Toscano kitchen cart is one of the most attractive I’ve seen of its kind. Two dovetailed maple drawers provide storage space for utensils and small dried food stuffs. Channelled grooves on the thick hard maple butcher block top prevent any liquids from spilling over onto the floor whilst metal bars allow for easy placement of tea towels and oven gloves. A removable shelf can act as a serving tray. The open shelves allow for larger items to be stored on the kitchen cart ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

It’s a heavy cart and so it’s not going to be suitable for a linoleum floor, for example. However, the kitchen cart is perfectly crafted and made to last many years and is easily capable of becoming a family heirloom if looked after properly. The top can occasionally be sanded and refinished with oil. After a few days of use, it will be difficult to imagine ever living without the John Boos Cucina Toscano kitchen cart ever again.

You can buy this cart from here: John Boos Cucina Toscano.

Price: $1,476