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Children love colorful furniture in their rooms as well as items that excite the eye. This is why this jigsaw puzzle book shelf will make a nice addition to your child’s bedroom, playroom or home-school study area. The familiar jigsaw puzzle design of the red, green and blue bookcase create a sense of fun and enjoyment which will merge into their education and reading.

Made of a durable wood construction, the jigsaw bookcase with three shelves is a whimsical kid’s furniture piece that will compliment a variety of existing interior décor schemes. Color is usually predominant in a toddler’s room and thus this book shelf will feel right at home. Anything can be placed on the shelves from books, games, trophies, toys, folded clothing and even small plants. When the color combination of the shelves gets a little old, then the puzzle shelving can be rearranged just like in a regular jigsaw.

Perfect for children between the ages of three and eight, the colorful book shelf is virtually untippable and can be easily wiped clean if any spills take place. The rounded sides prevent any nasty injuries and the dimensions allow for a child of any height to benefit from the jigsaw bookcase. Previous reviewers have noted how well made and sturdy it is.

You can read more as well as purchase this book shelf, here: Kidkraft Puzzle Book Shelf.

Price: $84.24

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