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Are you a chess player and a frequent Jack Daniel’s whisky drinker? If so, you’re likely to find this Jack Daniel’s chess set with detailed whisky themed playing pieces something special. Forget the themed belt buckles, drinking glasses and wall art, for this set will add fantastic character to a bar room, games room or kitchen interior and leave friends and family gasping in amazement and envy. You’ll have little trouble finding willing chess partners with intricately designed pieces such as these.

Included in this Jack Daniel’s collectible is a quality wooden chess board which doubles as a carrying case for the chess pieces. Each of the playing pieces is designed with a JD whisky theme whilst still staying true to the traditional chess pieces such as the rook, castle and pawn. For example, the King is a bust of the founder Jack Daniels while the bishop is the safe Daniels reportedly kicked shortly before his death. The pawns are the widespread and iconic whisky bottles seen worldwide.

Any fan of this whisky brand and an avid player of chess will admire the hand painted resin pieces that make this chess set so full of character, humor and excitement. Placed on a table in the living room, it will provide endless hours of fun and/or serious play. In a home bar setting or outside on a patio table in the summer during drinks, the board will add decorative interest to a space. The Jack Daniel whisky bottles are attractive and distinctive in their own right and thus a chess set in the same theme is going to pass the good design test.

You can buy this set from here: Jack Daniel’s Themed Chess Set.

Price: $198.95