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The Italian Neoclassical style walnut sofa that is pictured below is an incredible example of the finest Italian furniture craft. Made in Italy by skilled artisans, the Neoclassical walnut sofa is upholstered with high quality muslin material that compliments the plush seat, backs and cushions it covers. The wood that is such an integral part of this sophisticated and luxurious sofa is made from the highest quality wood available that gives it aesthetic beauty as well as long lasting strength.

The Neoclassical style walnut sofa is distinctive in its design. Neoclassicism itself whether in art, literature or furniture design draws upon Western art and culture of the classical period. This mainly includes the Roman and ancient Greek principles and designs that can clearly be seen in this Italian Neoclassical style walnut sofa. With a little imaginative energy, one can imagine a high ranking Roman senator or noblewoman reclining on this style of luxury sofa that comes with claw feet as well as antiqued gold leaf and black accents.

This Neoclassical walnut sofa made by skilled Italian craftsmen is most suitable for owners with epicurean tastes. The room in which this quality furniture piece will be placed needs also to be refined, resplendent and worldly-wise. No other type of interior surroundings will do justice to this Italian Neoclassical sofa with Romanesque qualities. The intricately carved animal legs of the sofa give this sleek bench style furniture piece a personal quality which is highlighted by knowing each has been individually hand crafted with the utmost care and professionalism.

This Roman-style sofa radiates a Neoclassical confidence which will suit a family and home of debonair style and taste. It will suit particular styles relating to the classical periods and might even merge well with more modern interiors and well thought out bohemian styles of room. You can read more about this beautiful classical-style walnut sofa via the link noted below.

More information can be found here: Italian Neoclassic Style Walnut Sofa

It does have a pretty hefty price tag, which is understandable due to its high quality. At the time of writing it was available to buy for $5,375.