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When swimming in the sea the other day I came across a large crab walking along the sandy seabed in the shallow waters near the beach. Today, when browsing sculptures on one of my favourite design websites, I saw this wonderful large iron crab sculpture covered in a silver leaf finish. It looks just like the crab I saw did, with its large claws floating upwards looking for unsuspecting human toes to grab hold of.

The crab sculpture has been designed for indoor use and specifically for a table-top or shelf. It’s completely free standing and thus can be placed in any relatively flat location you so desire. In a living room it could be placed on an accent table as a decorative feature all by itself or it can be just one of a number of similar metal sculptures on a dining room shelf or bedroom cabinet. Alternatively, it can be situated on a hallway table to act as a humorous yet beautifully decorative warning to visitors to behave.

Crabs are one of the most recognisable animals in the world and their forms have been used in art, sculpture and indeed literature for thousands of years. The decapod crustaceans have a thick exoskeleton and two large claws (chelae) with which to catch their prey. They are also one of the few species of animal that walks sideways and this makes them even more fascinating to study and watch in their natural habitats.

The crab figurine as seen in the image above is ideal for anyone with a fondness for crabs or sea animals in general and possesses an almost dynamic quality in which the crab might seem to move at any moment.

You can buy this figurine here: Large Iron Crab Sculpture.

Dimensions: 7.25″ H x 9″ W.