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The elephant is an iconic symbol in Sri Lanka, formely known as Ceylon. Elephants have been a part of Sri Lanken myth and symbol for thousands of years. This intricately carved kneeling elephant seat is inspired by such cultural significance and is the creation of world renowned artist and industry leader Carolyn Kinder. If you have a high regard for elephants and/or Ceylon, then this elegant elephant seating furniture piece is worth a second glance.

It’s unfortunate to note that the Sri Lanken elephant is in sharp decline due to hunting and habitat encroachment. At the turn of the 19th Century there were estimated to be 14,000 elephants on the island of Ceylon but now that figure is no more than 3,000, if that. This intricately designed kneeling elephant seat is a respectful interpretation of this magnificent beast which is both stoic in nature and mighty in build.

The kneeling Ceylon elephant seat is made from durastone and has been given a lustrous finish. All in all, this combination gives the elephant seat a marble look which will compliment a wide variety of interior settings. The beautifully intricate swirls on the kneeling elephant’s back add to the mystique and elegance of this Ceylon inspired design piece. It’s sturdy and therefore perfectly safe to sit on if required.

This rich brown-caramel kneeling elephant seat will make a delightful decorative accessory for a room which perhaps has the ambiance of South Asia. Mixed into an interior with colorful Indian fabrics and patterns, this Ceylon elephant seat will provide an extra focal point and seating area for guests and family alike.

Price: $280